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      Carpet Cleaning Millbank save me so much time and hassle and have given me my weekends back thanks to their affordable cleaning services.
Hugo Foster22/01/2018
     I was happy with the recent office clean service I hired. I was fed up with the mess and didn't like cleaning myself so opted to hire some help. I used Millbank Carpet Cleaning Service and got a terrific service. The cleaners were polite, prompt and efficient. They were hard working and did a great job of cleaning the reception area, computers and desks etc. The cleaning rate is inexpensive and the service is worth the money.
Keith Lewis14/07/2015
     My office has people coming in and out all day, so the carpets take a beating daily. I decided to get my carpets cleaned by MillbankCarpetCleaners and was absolutely amazed at the results. They got the carpet a lot cleaner than I thought they would. Stains left from fizzy drinks and coffee has vanished and all mud stains were also gone. I will continue to use this service for time to come to give my carpets a once over. For the prices they charge, I am more than happy with having them every 6 months, let alone annually - just fantastic!
Hillary D.28/03/2014

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